Writing the War in Asia

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Project coordinator: Dr Mark Frost
Project address: http://warinasia.warmap.org.uk/writing-the-war-in-asia/
Project contact: mfrost@essex.ac.uk
Online since: January 1, 2013

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Themes and Topics

War In asia, Memoryscapes, Asian History

About the project:

Taking a pan-Asian perspective, this international research partnership seeks to recover the wartime voices and experiences of those involved in this conflict: soldiers and civilians; men, women and children; Asians, Eurasians and Europeans; correspondents, authors, propagandists and artists. It makes available in English translation a selection of primary sources with expert commentary that will enable a regional and comparative appreciation of the social traumas and transformations that Asia’s ‘Great War’ generated. This project also examines this war’s historical role as a motor of cultural production and circulation, both during the conflict and in the decades since. It looks at the regional circuits of people, ideas, memories and practices that the war generated, all of which have exerted a powerful influence on the formation of Asian identities.