Project information:

Project coordinator: Prof. Eddy Higgs
Project address: http://icem.data-archive.ac.uk/#step1
Project contact: aaustia@essex.ac.uk
Online since: December 1, 2013

Access arrangements

Public content: No
Content with login required: Yes
Content with open sign up: No

Themes and Topics

19th Century, Census, Victorian Life, Demographics, Databases

About the project:

Through I-CeM  you can explore and download census records, digitised and harmonised from the original enumeration books, detailing characteristics for all individuals resident in Great Britain at each census from 1851 to 1911, developed by the I-CeM project. ICeM has consistent geography over time and standardised coding schemes for many census variables.

Use our purpose-built ICeM system to filter the database of over 180 million census records based on 20 key variables, then download the resulting data table of individual census records with 100+ variables per record.

Use our ICeM-Nesstar system to explore and analyse the icem data online, by tabulating variables, carrying out correlation and regression analyses, and exporting resulting statistical tables.

The Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM) database was constructed at the university of essex, over a period of three years. The I-CeM database makes available to researchers detailed information about everyone resident in the UK, collected at each decennial census from 1851 to 1911.

The I-CeM dataset itself is one of the most important and advanced historical datasets in the world, and puts British social scientific research, and the Department of History at the University of Essex, at the forefront of international efforts in the field. The dataset is made available at the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex in two forms – in an anonymised version available online to accredited researchers, and in a full version via secure data access arrangements.

Note: data download is only allowed at less than 1,000,000 records. 

Also see our I-CeM support site