Partner with us

The Centre has considerable experience partnering and working with businesses and other organistions to promote impact, educational and enjoyable experiences for end users. Many of our academics have extensive links within both the private and public sector. Our open minded approach to potential collaborations has seen the department foster relationships across the globe with businesses both small and large.

Frequently the centre provides:

  • Technical support and digital innovation services
  • Professional research services
  • Funding and grant application management
  • Commercial collaboration
  • Mass data processing, storage and distribution
  • Training and further education
  • Talks, seminars and educational workshops

The University of Essex itself has extensive links with the business community, both locally and internationally. Our world class facilities are able to cater to more practical needs and facilitate networking with potential partners.

The University has recently commited to a further 5,500 sq ft of expansion to our office space at Parkside Office Village, will be available from summer 2016, with potential for a further development phase. Parkside, our businness innovation centre, is already home to 20 successful and growing SMEs.

In addition, the university boasts a series of first class faculties for business:


To get started working with us, feel free to contact us via our inquiry form or browse our staff profiles at the Department of History homepage