The Recipes Project

Food, Magic, Art, Science, and Medicine

Author: Dr Lisa Smith
Published since: July 1, 2012

We are an international group of scholars interested in the history of recipes, ranging from magical charms to veterinary remedies. Old recipes can tell us a lot about the past, such as how medicines were prepared, when certain foods became popular, or why ingredients might be magical. Join us as we explore the weird and wonderful world of recipes!

Wonders and Marvels

A community for curious minds

Author: Dr Lisa Smith
Published since: August 1, 2008

Wonders & Marvels began humbly as a website related to an undergraduate course on the “History of Medicine: From Aristotle to the Enlightment,” taught by Holly Tucker in fall 2008 at Vanderbilt University.  Originally hosted on Blogger, the website was a place where Holly and the students could post links and articles of shared interest.  Students created original articles based on their research and final presentations. You can read some of that amazing work here.

And then suddenly and with little warning, it all morphed into something much bigger and wonderfully unexpected…

Author: Dr Amanda Wilkinson
Published since: June 1, 2015

Explore some of the more interesting and unusual occupations listed in the Victorian census

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